[How to eat pine willow seedlings]_ home practice _ practice Daquan

The pine willow seedlings look a bit like bean sprouts, they are all once, but unlike the bean sprouts, the pine willow seedlings are almost all green, and they look very lively. They will also have an appetite when they are cooked.

In fact, pine willow seedlings are not our native vegetables. They are imported from abroad and can be said to be imported.

Pine willow seedlings are delicious and nutritious. Many people like to eat them. So how do they make them delicious?

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Many people have heard that pine willow sprouts are poisonous. In fact, this depends on the state of the pine willow seedlings.

After cooking at high temperature, it is safe to eat.

The following editors will introduce the benefits of eating pine willow seedlings!

How to make Songliu Miao?

1. How to make mixed pine willow seedlings? Pine willow seedlings will be boiled in boiling water with some salt. Put garlic, white sesame, sugar, and a spoonful of oil in the salt pan.Add the vinegar, sesame oil, oyster sauce, and cooked peanuts to the seasoning in the middle of the dish, and you’re done. 2. Stir-fry the pineapple seedlings with garlic and ginger.

Stir-fry the ginger and add the pine willow seedlings over medium heat.

After the pine willow seedlings are slightly softened, add MSG and sugar.

Continue to stir fry.

Add salt and minced garlic as you come out of the pan.

Fry a few more times.

Then you can cook.

There were some radish balls left in the house before, and I poured them together. The balls were dipped in sweet vegetable juice, which was unexpectedly delicious.

Is pine willow sprouts poisonous?

The sprouts also have 8% of the remaining 10% of the toxin.

Finally, after high temperature heating, it can be expected that it is not controversial.

Therefore, pine willow sprouts are non-toxic after being heated at high temperature.

Pine willow beans are mandarin beans.

According to toxicity studies, long-term consumption of lathyrus can lead to neurolathrism, which mainly manifests as weakness of lower limbs, difficulty in lifting the foot to the ground, paralysis of motor nerves such as lower limb paralysis, and liver and spleen damage.

The main toxin β-ODAP of Lathyrus chinensis exists throughout the growth cycle, and it is mainly located at the most active growth site.

During the entire growth cycle, the toxicity at the seedling stage is the greatest. During the growth process, the above-ground part contains a high ODAP concentration, of which about 8% of ODAP is present in the leaves.

The first step in cultivating any kind of sprouts is to soak the seeds. It can also be said that 90% of the poison has been removed when soaking the seeds, and its poison is in the seed coat.

About 10% remain.

It is rich in phosphorus, calcium, potassium and other trace elements. The taste is refreshing and crunchy. It can be cold, fried, and hot. It is suitable for soup.crowd