Not sleeping all day will seriously affect health

Recently, according to a new study published by the United Kingdom, if there is usually insufficient sleep, people are more than twice as likely to die of cardiovascular disease.

  Professor Tu Jinwen, a well-known national doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Department of Neurology, Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that ample sleep is a process of restoring energy and accumulating energy.

If you don’t get enough sleep for a long time, life will gradually fail until you die.

Sleep must be no less than diet and oxygen. There is an old Chinese saying, “Do not sleep for one day, do not wake up for ten days.”

  Chinese health experts of all ages have believed that “sleep and food are the key to health”, and put sleep and diet as an important means of health.

As the saying goes, I slept well every day, but I did n’t see the old man in his eighties.

Modern medicine believes that sleep is a protective inhibition of the body, which can maintain the normal rhythm of life and improve the body’s immune function.

Adequate sleep can gradually improve the disease and the body recovers. This is the reason.

Practice has also proven that frequent sleep deprivation and dysfunction of the circadian body clock cause disturbances in the normal life rhythm of the human body, premature aging, premature aging, and long periods of time will cause a variety of diseases.

  Tu Jinwen said that because of work, study, entertainment and other reasons, more and more families stay up late.

He suggested that the entertainment time at night should be shortened as much as possible to ensure adequate sleep; if there is not enough sleep at night, it must be replenished in time during the day; with tired induction to recover from rest, hard support or refreshing with coffee will consume the mind and cause physiological disorders.