Regret you

How big is the risk of sleeping late?
Regret you

Ample sleep can be the first major supplement for the human body, but many people who think they are toxic are always used to sleeping late. Do you know the serious harm of sleeping late, how big is the risk of sleeping late?

Regret to die.

  The ancient health home said: “Sleep is the first health care, not sleeping for one night, and can’t make it back in a hundred days.

In addition, often sleeping too late at night will hurt your anger, and severe people will suffer from depression.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” cloud: “The gas is courageous.

“Where the eleventh dirty determines the gallbladder”, the human body’s internal organs are determined to be bile, depending on the growth of the gallbladder. If the courage can be initiated, the body will not be affected.

From 23:00 to 1 am, the gallbladder is the most prosperous.

People are keeping their babies in sleep, and they will consume their biliary when they don’t sleep. In severe cases, “depression” will also lack courage.

  Sleeping late does not sleep when there are six major injuries to the human body. In addition to causing adverse metabolism of bile, it even causes anemia and insufficient blood supply.

Unclear on the biliary deficiencies, no gluten under the blood deficiency, forming a fatigue and a weak waist and knees.

The liver and gallbladder are cyan in the invisible. When you are not sleeping, you can easily return to the green. When you are ugly, you will not sleep.

The lungs are white in the invisible, and it is easy to get gray when sleeping.

  1, the skin aging performance: dry, wrinkles, acne, stains from 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock in the morning is the most vigorous metabolism of the skin, if the body is sleeping, the skin can handle the metabolic waste with ease.

If he stays up late, the skin is also opening pores, and the external harmful substances are absorbed into the skin.

And staying up late will also make men’s hormone levels imbalance, and induce acne and acne.

  2, the symptoms of aging of the injured: visual acuity, blurred vision, the most tired organ at night is the eye, because the eye muscle penetration fatigue will cause temporary vision loss.

If you stay up late for a long time and are tired, you may have blurred vision after a certain sputum, and the vision is shaded or the color of the subject changes.

  3, the symptoms of gastrointestinal aging: stomach pain, stomach acid, and even cause stomach ulcers The stomach is an organ that is sensitive to the timetable in the body, and it is easy to cause excessive gastric acid secretion and induce gastric ulcer.

At the same time, the smoke, tea and coffee that he used during the day and night were also badly irritating to the gastric mucosa.

  4, the symptoms of brain injury: memory loss, slow response, headache, insomnia brain repairs the cells responsible for memory during sleep, if you do not get enough rest, this part of the cell will lose more and more, resulting in memory loss.
Staying up late means that the nerves responsible for the work of the human body are working overtime. The consequences of nervous system fatigue are negative absenteeism, causing the body to be inattentive, unresponsive, even headache, and insomnia.

  5, injury immunity aging performance: low body resistance, often sick at night is the peak time of the body to produce new cells, staying up late to keep the body in a state of consumption, the immune system to resist the effects of the body, repairing the organization of the body will be doubled.

According to the survey, adults can’t guarantee 7 for 3 nights?
With 8 hours of sleep, the immune system can reduce its efficacy by 60%.

  6, aging ability: libido, sexual dysfunction and other organs of the body are reduced, men are more afraid of the incompetence of the sex organs – let them feel closer to aging.

Men also have a gradual change in hormones in their bodies. Nighttime hormone secretion should be supplemented, but continuous work stimulates the cerebral cortex and forces the glands to secrete too much hormone.

In the long run, the circadian rhythm of the human body clock is destroyed, and the sex hormone secretion of men is disordered, so the proportion of sexual dysfunction in day and night is higher.

  Staying up late to the body is too much overdraft, and staying up late is better than getting up early, and getting the job done efficiently.

If you have to stay up late, it is recommended not to get up too late the next day. After getting up, take a hot bath, wash away the fatigue, sleep for half an hour at noon, adjust to normal working hours as soon as possible, and don’t get into the habit of night owls.

  The best time to sleep is the best time to sleep (21?
23 o’clock) to the time (3?
At 5 o’clock), I slept at 9 o’clock in the evening and got up at 5 in the morning.

At the time of the sea, the three Jiao Jiao Wang, San Jiao Tong Baimai, at this time into the sleep state, Baimai can cultivate and live, can make people have no major illness.

Unfortunately, modern people rarely do it, so there are fewer and fewer people on the street.

If a woman wants to stay asleep for a long time, she should go to bed early and get up early.

  In addition, the theory of Chinese medicine also believes: “The courage is the official of the Zhongzheng, and the internal organs determine the gallbladder.
“Bold is Shaoyang,” Shaoyang does not rise, the world is unknown.”

If you can’t sleep in time at night, or the quality of your sleep is not good, the next day, the yang of the sun will not rise, people will be sleepy and lack of spirit.

  In addition to ensuring good sleep at night, noon at noon (11?
13 o’clock) Also arrange for half an hour to fall asleep, nap is called beauty, and the beauty effect is obvious.
  Therefore, don’t let blindly harm your health, health is better than anything else.

How big is the risk of sleeping late?
Regret to die, can’t sleep late.