[How to make ice cream]_How to make_Make recipe

There are many ways to make ice cream. As a family, you can make it yourself. In fact, the method is relatively simple. As long as you have an eggbeater and a refrigerator in your home, you can make delicious ice cream.Fresh milk, white sugar, cream and egg yolk. If you want to put fruit ice cream, you can prepare some fruits with good color and taste.

First, milk ice cream ingredients, fresh milk 500 grams of cream 12.

5 g white granulated sugar 150 g egg yolk 100 g edible vanilla extract Micro preparation method Add the weighed white granulated sugar to the egg yolk and mix.

Then slowly pour the boiled fresh milk into the mixed solution of sugar and egg yolks, stir well and mix thoroughly, then move to another container and slowly heat it with a slight fire to keep the temperature at 70?
At 75 ° C, keep stirring, then stop heating. When the temperature gradually decreases to at least a certain degree, then filter through a fine mesh sieve (or clean gauze). After the filter liquid is cooled, add cream and edible fragrant herbs.Freeze in a clean and hygienic container, (its volume increased by 30?

The frozen milk ice cream can be eaten immediately.

Programs and accessories can also be added to make tri-color and nut ice cream.

Second, three-color ice cream raw material formula cocoa powder 15 grams of white sugar 5 grams of strawberry jam 30 grams of milk ice cream 750 grams of edible pigment trace production method 1.

After adding 50% of the weight of sugar to the weighed white granulated sugar, heat it to fully dissolve the sugar, then filter, add cocoa powder, and stir and mix well to form a cocoa syrup.

Pour cocoa syrup prepared in the above method into 250 grams of milk ice cream for later use.


In addition, weigh 250 grams of milk ice cream, add strawberry jam, color and mix evenly.

At the same time, the remaining 250 grams of milk ice cream are added with some vanilla flavors and fully blended for the next processing.


The three kinds of ice cream liquids with different colors and flavors are prepared in advance in a hygienic and clean container, and then sent to a refrigerator for freezing. After freezing, the three-color ice cream with beautiful appearance is prepared.

Third, the nut ice cream raw material formula nut sauce 75 g milk ice cream 1 kg production method 1.

Add a small amount of hot milk to a good nut sauce and prepare a thin paste for later use.


According to the method of making milk ice cream, before adding hot milk to the egg yolk, add the nut milk paste and stir well, and set aside.


Put the uniformly stirred paste into a container and put it in the refrigerator for freezing. The finished product is nut ice cream.

Fourth, banana ice cream raw material recipe banana (mature mold-free) 500 g lemon fruit half white granulated sugar 300 g cream 300 g Production method 1.

Rinse the lemons and squeeze out the lemon juice.


Add pre-weighed granulated sugar to about 500 grams of water, dissolve it by heating, and then filter.


Wash and peel the prepared bananas, pound them into sauce, add filtered sugar water, stir well, and then add fresh lemon juice and stir well.


The semi-finished product after the above process is completed, after it is cooled, stir into the weighed cream, put it in a container, and send it to the refrigerator for freezing. The finished product is banana ice cream.