How many health misunderstandings in life do you know

Guide: We always listen to experts talking about this and other regimens, why ca n’t I eat after a few times in the evening, and exercise more if I want to be healthy, otherwise the muscles will become unfortunate . Is this really the case?

The findings of nutritionists may not be exactly the same.

  Myth: Obesity caused by eating overnight. According to surveys, 4 out of 10 Americans work night shifts, which means that many people have to eat dinner very late.

Does supper too late cause obesity because we can’t consume these variables during sleep?

Nutritionist Eric Blackberg said: “It depends, and eating late at night generally doesn’t lead to additional gains unless you replace a lot in the day that greatly exceeds your usual absorption.

But it should be noted that many people eat some ice cream and fried potato chips during dinner.

Eating these foods at night can often cause obesity.

“Myth 2: Non-exercising muscles turn into adults. For those who spend three to four days a week on physical exercise, if they stop exercising, their muscles will become adults?”

“This is not going to happen.”

Muscle is muscle, aunt is aunt.

There is no mutual conversion between the two.

“Wat Thompson, a professor of exercise science at Georgia State University, said that muscle is a large, dense substance, but unfortunately it is denser.

When you stop exercising, the muscles become slightly loose, but they do not turn into aunts.

Does the converse hold?

Unfortunately, physical activity does not turn adults into muscles.

  Myth 3: Paying attention to diet and exercise equals weight loss. If you think that just doing this is enough to ensure weight loss, then you are very wrong.

You may overlook another major factor: sleep problems caused by weight loss.

“Globally, Americans have the least amount of sleep,” said Dr. Ivy Van Coot, a researcher at the University of Chicago on sleep.

As you know, Americans also overweight and suffer from overdose.

Perhaps we should consider the possibility that there is a relationship between obesity and sleep. Insufficient sleep can cause our appetite disorders.

“She and another, also from the University of Chicago, who studied sleep, tested the levels of hormones in people who couldn’t sleep, and the results showed that everyone had the normal sleep time they needed.If the sleep time is shortened by this time, even this difference is only one hour, it will lead to hormonal imbalance in the body.

  Misunderstanding 4 Pure natural ingredients make your hair flow. Internationally renowned cosmetics expert Paula Peigang wrote a book about hair care after researching 4,000 hair care products. He thinks the opposite is true.

He said, “The herbal ingredients in the hair conditioner do not actually clean the hair.

Those who really care for human hair should be those chemical compounds that have not been praised by people.

“However, when manufacturers sell their own hair care products, they will say that their products contain chemical ingredients, because people have always held the view that hair care products have a harmful effect on the human body.

  Misunderstanding 5: The hair removal method and the wax method have been used for several years, and the wax method has been used since ancient Egypt.

Which of the two methods is the best choice?

Dermatologist Pat Axler said: “After waxing your hair, you can pull it out below the surface of your skin.

“So it takes 3 to 4 weeks to grow hair again.

If a shaving method is used, the hair will soon grow back after more than ten days.

Since the dark edges of the hair are shaved off during shaving, you will have a certain stinging sensation when the hair grows again.

This discomfort does not exist with wax coating.

Scars form in the hair follicles during plucking, and the formation of skin scars reduces the amount of hair that grows again.

  Myth 6 Skin cream can prevent or remove wrinkles. People who pay great attention to skin protection can keep their skin soft and smooth. They often spend a lot of choices on a variety of skin care products to take care of the skin.Know what is the best and most basic anti-wrinkle Fang Li.

The annual average of creams is up to $ 250 million, but does a moisturizing cream really have anti-wrinkle effects?

Dermatologist Andrea Camber said, “Skin creams can improve the appearance of the skin, but they do not have anti-wrinkle effects.

“Some beauty and cosmetics companies will insist that their products have excellent anti-wrinkle effects when they are publicizing. Camber said:” This is purely misleading publicity. If you want to prevent wrinkles from developing prematurely, you can choose other ways.And these Fang Li are very easy to do.

“He made some suggestions, such as not smoking.Smoking causes severe damage to the skin.

Before going out of the ground, apply sunscreen or a moisturizer with a sun protection factor of 15 or more.

The last thing to note is that you don’t think the high-quality skin cream will be good for skin care.

Some inexpensive skin creams also have better skin care results.

  Myth 7 Reading a book under dim light can hurt your eyes Does reading a book under low light really hurt your eyes?

Robert Cote, an associate professor of ophthalmology at New York University, said that this question is often asked, and in fact, this kind of statement is wrong.

He said: “Don’t you notice that your ears are hurt when someone whispers to you?

Of course not. Reading in a dim environment will not hurt your eyes either.

“When you keep your eyes on the TV or computer screen without any proper fatigue of your muscles that causes your vision to be impaired?

“It was totally wrong.

You will feel a little tired, but it will not cause damage to your eyes anyway.

However, due to the specific structure of the human eye, people will become short-sighted, far-sighted, or astigmatic. At this time, you need to wear glasses or contact lenses or laser surgery to correct positive vision.

“But if you want to protect your eyesight, you should eat some carrots.

New research confirms that scientists have found an antioxidant called beta-carotene in oranges, yellow and red fruits and vegetables, which has a good protective effect on the eyes.

  Misunderstandings 8. Corsets damage men’s reproductive capabilities. What are the similarities between corsets, laptops and hot tub baths?

It is reported that all three will reduce male fertility and cause very serious consequences for couples wishing to have children.

Dr. Harry Faith, who treats male infertility, said: “The retinal pills grow outside the body because they need to cool down.

If the temperature of the scrotum rises, the spermatogenesis is affected by the rise.

“He is referring to the effect of wearing panties on men, but there are no clear findings yet, so this is just a guess.

  But the damage caused by the hot tub bath to male fertility is greater.

Fisco said that too much bath water will reduce sperm counts.

“The number of sperm will decrease over the next two months,” Fisco said.

It takes 4 to 6 months for sperm count to return to normal levels.

State University of New York Professor Jefferm-Sternkein has researched the impact of laptops on male fertility. In a research report, he pointed out that the constant placement of laptops on the thighs caused the male’s ability to cultivate.Permanent impact.

  Myth: Chocolate is not good for human health. Some people have always thought that chocolate is the most typical food that transforms people to gain weight.

But the latest research shows that chocolate is also beneficial for people.

Cocoa Bean Vitamin A substance that is flavonol-based, which promotes the health of the human body.

“Chocolate has a lot of weight in the heart,” said Catherine Tamadeg, female representative of the American Dietetic Association.

Chocolate has the effect of relaxing blood vessels.

It may also have the effect of lowering blood pressure and reducing the endothelium of blood vessels.

This effect is similar to aspirin and reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

“Red wine, green tea, apples, and onions also contain flavonols. This substance is high in cocoa beans, but flavonols are eliminated during the process of making chocolate because they taste very bitter and affect the chocolateTaste.

  Before the chocolate maker has measured the content of the chocolate and put it on the bag, if you want to get the most healthy chocolate, cocoa powder is a good choice.

“If you want to buy chocolate without deep processing, then choose the darkest chocolate and the highest and smallest cocoa chocolates,” Taimadego said.

“The bad news is that chocolate is not a healthy food because of its high sugar and adult content.

If you really want to get rid of the poison, eat only oxidized dark chocolate at a time.

  Misunderstanding Ten Revenge is the sweet ABC show host John Stosso who views revenge like this: People praise revenge in movies, and I really like watching the moment when revenge is successful in movies.

Seeing the bad guy get the punishment he deserves makes people feel happy.

But is the taste of revenge really sweet?
Stanford University psychologist Fred Luskin says it’s sweeter to forgive others.
  Many studies have shown that hostility towards others can have many effects.

“It’s prone to high blood pressure and some stress-related diseases, and it will raise blood pressure,” Luskin said.

The idea of hurting others is like taking poison, and eventually you will be hurt as well.

“After suffering misfortune, it is natural to have revenge.

But from a psychological perspective, hatred is harmful to health.

The beauty of hatred will entrap people’s souls and cause them great vitality.

And forgiveness is good for health, it can reduce depression, anger and stress.

Luskin said: “After revenge you may get a momentary pleasure, but forgiveness can heal your wounds for life.