Chinese medicine prescription helps autumn weight loss

Many people mistakenly believe that the intake of traditional Chinese medicine can only be supplemented by tonic effect, and it will not have the effect of weight loss. In fact, it is not unexpected.The purpose of weight loss.

  Three-colored glutinous rice spleen and water-rich raw materials: red beans, barley kernels, glutinous rice, melon seeds, cucumber food.

  Method: 1. Wash the red adzuki beans and barley kernels with clean water, put them in a pot and steam for 20 minutes.

  2. Wash the glutinous rice and melon seeds, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot and steam together.

  3. Sprinkle diced cucumbers after serving and serve.

  Efficacy: It has the effects of strengthening the spleen and water, and losing weight.

  Lotus leaf lotus root stir-fried bean sprouts and kidney nourishing spleen ingredients: 200 grams of lotus leaves, 50 grams of water lotus seeds, 150 grams of green bean sprouts, 100 grams of lotus root, moderate amount of peanut oil, salt, MSG, water starch.

  Method: 1. Take lotus seeds, lotus leaves and appropriate amount of water.

  2. Cut the fresh scallion into thin filaments and stir fry with vegetable oil until it reaches seven maturity.

  3. Add cooked lotus seeds and washed mung bean sprouts.

  4. Simmer the broth first, add the appropriate amount of salt, MSG, and water starch to simmer, serve and serve.

  Efficacy: The lotus seed has the effect of nourishing the kidney and spleen, nourishing the heart and soul; the lotus leaves rise to Qingyang; the mung bean sprouts clear heat and detoxify.

Therefore, eating this dish often can strengthen the spleen, dampness, and reduce swelling.

  Taboo: Do not add soy sauce when cooking.

  Strange kelp and water swelling raw materials: kelp, red beans, radish, hawthorn, stevia mixed with powder.

  Practice: 1. Soak kelp in water for 24 hours the next day, and change the water twice in the middle.

After washing, shred and drain.

  2. Boil red adzuki bean, radish, hawthorn with water and stevia powder for half an hour, remove the beans, radish, hawthorn.

  3. Put the kelp into the pot, simmer until the juice is dried up, and dry it before serving.

  Efficacy: It has the effects of diuresis, swelling and weight loss.

  Braised winter melon for heat and diuretic ingredients: 500 grams of winter melon, noodle sauce, soy sauce, clear soup, wet starch, spring onion, MSG, and vegetable oil.

  Production: 1. Peel and wash the melon and cut into pieces.

  2. Add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil. When the melon is burned to 40% heat, add onion ginger and stir-fry the noodle sauce.

  3. When using low heat until the melon is rotten, add MSG, use wet starch to simmer, and serve.

  Efficacy: The dish has the functions of clearing heat and diuretic, reducing swelling and cough, and diluting phlegm.

Winter melon is rich in content and contains glyceric acid, which can make the subcutaneous aunt of the eater reduce and inhibit the conversion of sugar, thereby having a good weight loss effect.