13 massage methods to help you live longer

Longevity has been a hot topic, so how can we keep ourselves healthy and longevity?

There is a method of massage in traditional Chinese medicine to help you live longer. Today, I will introduce 13 methods of massage in Chinese medicine to help you live longer.

  1. Sit with the eyes turned, sit with your eyes 5 times to the left, and then look forward for a moment, then turn to the right 5 times, and look forward.

Great for protecting eyesight.

  2. Click on the eyes with both index fingers and click on the eyes on both sides (0 above the inner corner of the eye).

1 inch) 15?
30 seconds, with mild discomfort as the degree, it can relieve eye pain and eyesight.

  3. Rub the eyelids and press the thumbs on both sides to open the eyelids on both sides.

It can eliminate eye pain and eyesight.

  4. Press the index finger of both hands to press the sun on both sides of the temple to rotate according to the sun.
15 times.

Have analgesic effect.

  5. Take the forehead with the palms of both hands, and rub it to the lower forehead slightly, then turn it over the ears behind the head, gently rub the top of the head, and return to the forehead.

   6, with the thumb flexion of the thumb flexion of the left and right alternate tapping bilateral Zhuzhu points (located in the eyebrow depression), each hole 15?
20 times, exerting force to the degree of slight discomfort.

It has the effects of eliminating frontal pain, eye swelling, and restoring visual fatigue.

  7. Rub the back of the nose with the back of the thumb and rub the sides of the nose hard to a local fever.

Helps in ventilation and prevents colds.

  8. With both hands on the dry-cleaning face, put your hands together and wash your face from your forehead 20?
30 times.

It has a refreshing and antihypertensive effect.

  9. The tip of the two fingers of the fake comb touches the scalp. From the forehead to the pillow, comb the head from the top of the head to the vertical side, taking the degree of heat in the head as the degree.

It has eye-catching, analgesic and hypotensive effects.

  10, Mingtian drum press the palms of the two palms tightly with two palms, tap the back pillow with the three fingers in both hands, and then press the palms with the palms, press the back of the pillow gently without moving, and then suddenly lift away.Time, insert the last two index fingers into the ear hole and rotate 3 times, then release suddenly.

This is counted once, and a total of 3?
5 times.

It has the effects of refreshing the brain, enhancing memory, strengthening hearing, preventing ear diseases, and contributing to longevity.

  11, rub the breast with two palms on top of the outside of the two milk, rotate and knead, knead 10 times each clockwise and counterclockwise.

It has the effect of accelerating blood flow and reducing chest muscle fatigue.

  12. Grasp the shoulder muscles with the right thumb, index finger, middle finger to pinch the left shoulder muscle, and the left hand to pinch the right shoulder muscle, crosswise, 10 times each, with loose shoulders to relieve fatigue.

  13. Press the middle of the nipple with the thumb and belly slightly to press the midpoint of the line connecting the two nipples (that is, the middle point). After 30 minutes, suddenly release it, and repeat this 5 times.

It has clear chest, smooth air, analgesic and antiasthmatic effects.