Oedipal man can’t distinguish between love and incest

When Shi Yunxiang got married, he never thought that one day he would be divorced because he couldn’t satisfy his wife.

When she first saw Luo Ling, a beautiful girl, at a bachelor party, Shi Yunxiang moved a little in her heart: the girl looked too much like her mother.

Shi Yunxiang’s mother is a successful woman with outstanding ability, noble and generous.

From an early age, Shi Yunxiang was willing to get tired of his mother and was somewhat resistant to his father.

In his heart, his mother is like a goddess, she is omnipotent.

He even felt that in front of his mother, a cowardly father was not worthy of his mother.

  The appearance of Luo Ling made Yun Xiang’s ideal from a young age suddenly no longer out of reach.

He began a passionate pursuit of Luo Ling.

His scholarly elegance and polite gentlemanliness allowed him to successfully capture Luo Ling’s heart.

In a three-year love relationship, Yun Xiang has always taken good care of Luo Ling, has a deep affection for her, and simply does not look at other women in her eyes.

Moreover, the intimate movement of the two people only ends in kissing, and never makes any implicit request to Luo Ling.

In Yunxiang’s eyes, they are platonic spiritual love, both sublime and romantic, in line with their ideals.

  Yun Xiang’s respect and love for her allowed Luo Lin to agree to his proposal without hesitation.

But on the wedding night, a discordant note appeared.

Yun Xiang said that he was drunk by relatives and friends, and let his wife sleep first.

Luo Ling looked at her conscious husband strangely, and felt that something was wrong, but in order to show his consideration for him, he rested obediently alone.

However, the next day, the third day . One month, Yun Xiang did not make any sexual demands.

Even if Ling Ling teased him intentionally or unconsciously in sexy lingerie, he could not get an erection.

Luo Ling, who could not hold back anymore, accompanied her husband to the male department for a physical examination, but as a result of the examination, the husband’s physiological function was completely satisfactory, and his inability to have sex was caused by psychological factors.

  After the problem surfaced, Yun Xiang could no longer hide his worries from his wife.

In fact, he loves his wife very much, but because his wife looks and looks too much like a mother, although there are occasional impulses, but every time in close contact with his wife, he always feels caressing his motherThe guilt of incest made him completely sexually uninteresting, how could he not show the male virility.

  Yun Xiang’s confession to Luo Ling made her unable to face her husband. She felt her husband’s psychology had been distorted.

Her husband’s love for her made her reluctant to leave him, but with her husband, he could not meet her sexual requirements.

So, Luo Ling began to have a one-night stand.

Yun Xiang knew that his wife felt pain after having an affair. He forced himself to satisfy his wife, but failed again and again.

After two years of suffering like this, Yun Xiang finally proposed to divorce his wife because of his disappointment and condemnation.

When the divorce agreement was signed, the still-loving couple cried.

  Six months after the divorce, Yun Xiang remarried.

This time, the wife he chose was nothing like his mother, ordinary and vulgar.

He didn’t love her, but when he faced her, he felt a lot easier and was able to live with her husband and wife normally.

He felt that only in this way would he not feel that he was blaspheming his mother and that he and his wife could maintain a physical connection.

  But Yun Xiang’s troubles have not been completely resolved.

Although he was satisfied in terms of sex, but because of the huge difference between his wife and mother, he also caused a huge loss in spirit, and he felt very painful because he could not live with the person he loved after all.

Later, he used Buddhism as his spiritual sustenance. After believing in Buddhism, he began to live a life of abstinence and divorced again.

However, he couldn’t restrain himself and went to Luo Ling to ask for remarriage.

Luo Ling, who loves him very much, said that as long as he can restore mental health, most mothers’ shadows can still start again.

So Yun Xiang found Zhao Yancheng and asked her whether she was an ED man or a psychopath?

How can I have a healthy mind?  Zhao Yancheng believes that Yun Xiang is suffering from ED, but it cannot be said that he is a psychopath.

Men have more or less “Oedipal complexes” deep in their hearts. Therefore, when looking for a partner, it is the mother’s original blueprint that has caused the phenomenon of “not a family, not entering a family”.
However, Yun Xiang’s “Oedipal Complex” has already affected normal sexual life and cannot be ignored.

After his first marriage failed, looking for a woman who was completely different from his mother to combine with him was actually an escape and could not really solve the problem.

He still yearns for a union with his mother and finds someone like his mother to marry.

Therefore, his so-called belief in Buddhism is not a true religious belief, but a spiritual transfer. In the subconscious, he is helping to establish a new defense mechanism.

  Zhao Yancheng’s advice to Yun Xiang is that first of all, he must realize that Luo Ling’s fascination is empathy for his mother. The so-called empathy is the process of transplanting the emotions of past love or hatred to another person.

Psychologically, the wife and mother must be distinguished, and the two should no longer be replaced together.

In reality, he wants to know his wife again, establish real emotional communication with his wife in reality, and establish a harmonious gender relationship with her.

The re-knowledge of his wife will lead him to lose some beautiful images of his wife, which may lead to the weakening of his wife ‘s feelings. In fact, Yun Xiang has been living in the “illusion” in the past, but not with his wife in reality.Establish a real connection. At this time, the couple will go to the psychological consultation clinic for couple counselling and treatment, and the effect is often better.